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Speed Calculator

To use this Speed Calculator enter your Motor Sprocket, Axle Sprocket, Tire Circumference (tire diameter x 3.14) and Engine RPM then hit "Calculate Speed" button. Gear Ratio and Speed will then be calculated.

Please keep in mind most engines run at a speed of 3,600 rpm when there is no load on the engine shaft. However, when a load is applied to the engine shaft the engine speed decreases. The larger the load, the greater the decrease. An engine with more horsepower will be affected less by the load and therefore be able to operate at a higher rpm.

An axle sprocket with a larger diameter and more teeth will take off faster and have more power, but will reach a slower top speed. An axle sprocket with a smaller diameter and fewer teeth will take off slowly, but will reach a faster top speed. A smaller axle sprocket is closer to the size of the clutch sprocket and therefore rotates closer to the same speed as the engine. Decide whether speed or power is more important to you and choose your gearing accordingly.

Motor Sprocket 
Axle Sprocket 
Gear Ratio 
Tire Circumference (in.) 
Engine RPMs 



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